Has it ever happened to you that you did something unintentional? Let’s say you did, and your best friend made you feel guilty for it for as long as they could enjoy. Well, my best friend makes sure that she gets me a ticket in business class for the guilt trip she plans for me. She also makes sure that I’m served with everything on the silver platter and I swallow them the same way I do with pizza, slowly and by enjoying every bit (bite) of it. Isn’t that great? You know how it is.

I didn’t think I would write this ever but, I’ve found exactly my kind of relationship with my best friend. The one where we’re not girly. Okay, I said it. Hate me all you want girls but let’s admit it, sometimes we do overreact. So I am going to impart some knowledge here, about some important things required to build a lifetime relationship. Not just with friends, but with anyone who is worthy of your time. 


You can’t go to dominos (or any favourite place of yours for that matter) three times a day everyday. So what do you do? You take a break and go there once in a while. Does it make you love them any less? No. In fact, you feel glad that the taste didn’t bore you. And that, makes you happy, doesn’t it?  

The other day my best friend and I got into a tiny fight. But instead of poking and annoying each other with the questions such as “Are you mad at me? Still mad? Why aren’t we talking?”, we didn’t speak to each other. We were together but didn’t talk. The next thing I remember is that we were back to normal, laughing (yes, laughing like crazy is normal for us). A thought that came to mind was, what exactly did happen? We fought, got mad, didn’t talk, gave each other space, got back when the situation cooled down(which, surprisingly was at the same time for both of us), never talked about it and the best part, we didn’t have to deal with any of it. Weird? Maybe. But I think this is how even the relationships should be like. 


Listen to what they have to say to you. Let them share their secrets, their lameness, their weirdness, their thoughts. They’re just like music in your life. Not everything they have to say is good. Some are bad, sad, happy, romantic, what not. We do that all the time. By we I mean my best friend and I. From talking about poop to how this life might be a reality show and someone from another planet could be watching us and probably laughing at us and judging us. (Just like you are judging me for writing this😛.) The point is, listen and talk things out.


Who doesn’t get jealous? Everybody at some point does. Just remind yourself to never let jealousy ruin anything you have with that person. When you understand the situation instead of complaining about why it happened in the first place is when you are mature. I know that feeling when you see someone getting along well with your best friend. You feel like they’ll take him/her away from you. But hey!, let’s accept it that they don’t need to be around your face 24×7 either. So let them be.😂 


Don’t forget to insult them often. 😆

Even if anything goes wrong and it’s because of them not you, remember you did a great job to make it work and they ruined it. You will always have KARMA by your side when that happens. *wink wink😉*



There are days on which things don’t go as planned. Believe it or not, this happens to everyone. It’s rare for some,  while it’s a regular thing to deal with for some. I would say that I fall into that “some” category where things not going as planned is a regular thing to deal with. Do you know what else is regular? My periods. So what? I deal with it anyway. There is this slang YOLO (You Only Live Once), that people use these days. Why not live every day to the fullest and replace that, YOLO, with You Only Die Once? The point is, look for solutions and not problems.

While I’m being so philosophical and “trying to be” motivational, let me write down some (TWO) points for you.


This not only applies to underestimating others, but yourself too.

Being good at something and telling people “No, I can’t do that, I’m bad at it.” , so that you’re not afflicted by the evil eye is sometimes too hard to believe. Why don’t you just accept and thank the person who sees that in you and tries to give you a compliment?

Then there are others who actually are bad at something and get worse time after time. You know why? Because someone told them that and they accepted it. I’ve been there, done that. In fact, I still let people get into my head sometimes. But trust me, when you know you’re right and even when you haven’t given it a shot, have the courage to tell the person trying to get you to believe you can’t do something that you’re capable of it.

And. Never think negative before trying. You always have a choice. If plan A doesn’t work, go for the next plan. But if you don’t have a backup plan to work on, make sure you ace it in the first attempt.



Crying over a girl or a guy is never worth the effort you put in if you’re right. Let time heal the situation or easier advice to give would be to get over it. Let me put this right. Why do you have to fight in the first place when you can ignore your ego?

Do you listen to yourself when you talk to your family and when you talk to you   boyfriend/girlfriend? Can you tell the difference now? You don’t have to explain yourself or convince them to believe you or trust you or apologize to your mom specifically. But you have to apologize and make sure they’re not mad at yo and that they still love you and trust you when it comes to your so called BAE. 

You let that ruin your day and cry over the people who, you can’t guarantee will stay with you for the rest of your life. But don’t even think before yelling at your mom for your own mistakes. Because you know she can’t leave you, and she’ll forgive you the next time you talk to her.

Love can distract you and demotivate you too.



Just because I went to college, left the state, means I’ve changed. That’s a typical friend’s logic these days. 

Has it ever happened to you? 

I say, I didn’t change. Because if I sit back and give it a thought, I don’t see if I ever texted you or called and gave you an update on what’s going on in life before. We used to talk whenever we could, which we still do. Then what’s changed? We just grew up. I think that’s it. I don’t see a need to constantly being in contact to prove my friendship to you. We’re friends, which means I can call you anytime I feel like. Not necessarily when I need help, but whenever I want to talk. I expect to talk and not get taunted as to how I’ve changed and forgotten you, because I’ve not. I will be here when you call unexpectedly. I want to do the same to you. I won’t call to tell you “You’ve changed.” There was a time when I used to annoy friends by saying all this. But with all these years going by and the experience of it, I realise how it feels like. What reply can you get after saying that? Silence? Awkwardness? Definitely   yes. Just remember that, you’re making them go away by all this. Nothing’s changed until that sentence comes out of your mouth. 

Don’t ruin it.


I’ve known nerds, but a comic nerd? Never. I think this is the first time that I am friends with one. If you ever had an interest in comics, you should go and read this. This friend of mine, who recently decided to go public with his thoughts just like me, in a different way though won’t disappoint you. Go ahead. Give it a read. A feedback wouldn’t hurt. 😉 The link is below:


Today, an interesting thing happened to me. I got to know that we have Communication Skills as a subject. I was really excited about it and it turned out to be the way I expected it to be.😄

It was our first class, right? So. Our professor gave us a little introduction about himself and then gave us around fifteen minutes to prepare something on “Who Am I” in anyway we wanted. Creative. Casual. Anything. I enjoyed speaking about it. He made my day for sure. 

Then it struck me that this could actually be something we, bloggers, should write and post about. Others, (by others I mean you. The readers. The viewers. Anyone.) should write too. 

We could comment Who Am I? And provide the link to our Who Am I post, to anyone we want. 

No? Well. Sounds fun to me. 🙂

Okay. So, this is what I wrote. 

Who Am I? It’s just one simple question yet something which needs to be thought about alot. Something, which changes with every stage as we grow up. Something, for which fifteen minutes is just not enough. As a kid when someone asked me who I was, back then I only had a name. Madhavi Singh. Then as I grew up, went to school, my answer included my class, my family, my idol, my hobbies, my dreams. With the variation in my answers in all these years, here I am, trying to sum up all of it together. I was once a girl who aimed to become an astronaut. And today, I am a fashion designer aspirant. I’m really happy to have made that decision myself. Which, believe me, took me a year to decide. I’m also blessed in a way because I have such understanding and supportive people in my life, who I proudly call my family. My idol for the past two years has been my maa. I want to become the calm, patient, optimist person that she is. I try to, but I can never reach the level of optimism that she is on now. Of course I have my hobbies. I play keyboard. I write blogs. I’ve realised during my blogging journey that sometimes, your emotions are expressed the best when you put them into words. I’m an introvert who goes by the name TheQuietGirlBlogger. The title shouldn’t be something to question about once you’ve met me in person. My friends know that well.😅

That’s all. I hope and I am sure that I will be able to talk more about myself in the years ahead. 

Thank You.

Mine was a fifteen minutes rough idea of who I am. Yours could be much better.😊









It’s about last saturday evening when my sister and I went shopping. We took a metro from Rajiv Chowk. Yes. I think we all know that this is where, no matter what day it is and what time it is, people are always kind enough to push you inside the metro and out of it as well. Because of the crowd, you know.

So, with the shopping bags in our hands, there we stood, waiting for a metro. Same everyday rush, a metro arrived. We stood right in front of “The first coach is reserved for ladies.” coach, like always and with not much effort (just an apparent discomfort on my face and my sister’s too, of course),  we were inside the metro. I was being nice enough to let people out first and then get myself in the metro when my sister…

“What were you doing standing there?”

“I was waiting for the people to get out first.”

*She smiles*

“You don’t wait. You miss the metro if you don’t elbow your way in.”

…..and we both laughed.

The first coach doesn’t always mean you get to sit. Sometimes you stand all your way to your destination. Sometimes you plonk yourself on the tiny bump that segregates one seat from another. Sometimes you stare at people as to who is about to get up so that you could sit. But we stood all our way.

It still is the fun coach. You know why?

When I look across, I see men standing/sitting, wearing what. Shirt, pant, shoes probably? Some talking business, others with the headphones on, carrying bags? Or, some college or maybe high school guys wearing their own ‘something stylish’, with a cap with “DOPE” and “SWAG” written on them? Ya. Not very cool, BTW.

While the ladies coach has all kinds. From Laxmi Nagar type to South Delhi type. From bimbo to smart. From loud to elegant. I have a habit of judging people by their look. But, who doesn’t? I must be judged by them too.

The judgement isn’t always bad. Sometimes I am attracted by some girls too.

Like that day. I saw a girl, probably 20. She looked so beautiful. She had the body that every girl dreams of, with Rihanna’s blunt bob haircut, eyeliner and a wine lip colour. My sister and I literally stared at her and gave that “Wow! I wish I could pull that off.” look to each other. Then there was this woman who wouldn’t stop complaining about her mother-in-law on the phone. I don’t know if she did or did not realise this, but, we could hear her every word. We could only hear her side of the conversation, but it was rather hilarious.

We passed time by talking about stuffs like,

“Omg! her shoes. I love them.”

“Her haircut.”

“I like her bag.”

All of which ended with, “Where she must’ve got it from? We shop too. Why don’t we get these?”


Vaishali Metro Station. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap. 

It was time for us to come back to reality.😋






“I spent my whole childhood wishing I were older and now I’m spending my adulthood wishing I were younger.” – Ricky Schroder



NOTE : This blog isn’t about Mike Shinoda’s “Where’d you go”. I love the song though. You must listen to it if you haven’t already. 😀








A day off from work.


“Why isn’t there any space?”

She talks out loud to herself as she makes room for her office files.

Another drawer. But instead of her old diaries and files, there’s drawing books, photo albums, cassettes, some CDs of her childhood memories and a kitchen set; with all those cute little kitchen items. Cups, a kettle, plates and everything with not even one scratch on them. There’s a smile on her face. She goes through them all like a kid in a candy store. And the tension? It’s gone.

As she picks up a CD to play, she sees a file named “Space Facts”. She puts the CD down and while going through the file recalls, how she wanted to become an astronaut and looked up to Kalpana Chawla since the fifth grade and laughs at what she has become. A fashion designer. She doesn’t regret her decision. She chose this profession. It’s the work load that keeps her busy and stresses her. She loves her job. She’s just amazed by the fact, how ambitious she was as a child.

“Love what you do and do what you love”. A quote by Ray Bradbury, is what she believes in.

She continues watching the CDs, playing cassettes of her favourite songs that she used to collect. People now, hardly listened to the cassettes. They’ve songs downloaded in the mobile phones these days.

After going through them all, she just sits still on the floor with her legs stretched and the drawer opened with everything lying outside on the floor. She holds the remote in her hand and as she stares into oblivion, she recalls some memories. Sometimes, she just wants to be the little child she was, again.

She misses the freedom. She was dependent on her parents, yet she was free. She could watch the television however, whenever she wanted. She remembers how she would fall asleep on the couch while watching television and end up on the bed the next morning. She remembers the story sessions with her mother, where after listening to a story, she would narrate the same story to her mother and change the character’s name. She remembers celebrating birthday in school; when she would distribute one candy each to the entire class and two candies to her best friend and the class teacher.

And now? She is independent. Great. But with the independence, comes responsibilities. She rents a house now. She has taxes to pay. She has bills to pay. Phone bill, electricity bill, internet bill, and what not. On top of it, she’s about to get married. She waits all week for friday, thinking she would get to relax a little. She gets herself an appointment for a spa. She has a few friends. She does not party much. So, what she does is, she gets herself some movies in a pendrive from her colleagues, to watch on friday nights. It’s fine. It’s fun. Still, she misses being at home. She lives by herself. Right? No matter how much she tries, she’s never off work. She has to cook even after work. She has laundary to do, that’s been piled up for the two days she has.

She’s lost in her thoughts. Suddenly, it strikes her why she decided to open the drawers.

Meanwhile, her phone rings.

“Office calling…”

Before she picks up the phone. With a poker face, she puts everything back in the drawer and gets back to work.










“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”   ― Kahlil Gibran


I haven’t posted anything since more than a week now. I did not run out of inspiration. I was busy admiring Earth’s beauty. Same place. Same evening. Clicked at different time. I cannot put this into words. You must look at this, yourself.

Wondering where this is? It’s a beach in Udupi, in Karnataka. (Yes, India. Not everyone here is an Indian blogger. 🙂 )

Malpe Beach it is.




















Did you ever have that one friend who believes in “Abbreviating words while texting, saves time.” ? Of course you had. Or have. Or maybe you are one of them. NEVERMIND! These people just annoy me. Seriously. But you know? I used to be like one. Once, I was judging someone over text with a friend, after which he sent me some screenshots. I told him that, that was exactly what I was talking about. He then said, “Guess who it is?”.  And the next text from him read, “It’s you, silly. Three years back.” I couldn’t believe him. He had to literally prove it to me that it was me. And you know what? IT WAS ME. Ughhh! There was a moment of laughter for both of us. It definetly was. I tapped the same laughing emoji as I put my giant teeth to display (with no one around. Phew!) more than twice. Which I believe, he did too. So yes, we were laughing. We both happened to text that way back then. Fortunately, we’ve changed for good. Oh! The screenshots. Yes. So, after I read it all. I wondered, “How did people even bother to text me?” Not how. Actually, WHY??? And from that moment on, I have a special place in my heart for everyone who did. Respect. To be precise.





I’m excited for my birthday. I decided to invite my friends. I happen to know you but we don’t talk much. But my best friend has a crush on you. So, I have to invite you too (for my best friend’s sake). I spend full ten minutes to text you a not-so-awkward invitation and after an hour, all you text is, ‘K.’? Oh C’mon! There are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language (Google it.!). And you choose to use a letter instead. You’ve ruined my “Happy” birthday mood and now I hate you.



What did you do with those micro seconds you saved just before hitting the bed? Slept more, I believe. God! You’re selfish. Do you have any idea how we lose those precious seconds of our life by cracking your code? Which is why, no more cracking the code. I’ve learnt to not spare a second on those who text me like that. I just text back Gn, instead. Seems like I saved more time than you. HAHA! Sly. Huh?



You know? I was perfectly fine until you said ‘uh’. It’s either “you” or “u”. What’s “uh”? If you look at the keyboard, the three letters, ‘Y’ ‘O’ ‘U’ are really close to each other. Why not just try typing ‘YOU’ for once? It does not take much time and feels good to read. And honey, for future, If you’re in a good romantic mood and you text your partner “I luv uh”. It’s really going to be a mood killer. I have no experience with this. But I can feel how bad this could be. Really.



It was our first date. She looked gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Just after I reached home, I kicked my shoes off and laid on the bed. I texted her, “You looked lovely tonight. I would love to go out with you again.”. To which she replied, “Aww! Thnk u. Nd tnx 4 da d8 2nyt. I enjyed a lot.” Should I leave her? I have never been good with numbers. I don’t know what to reply now. I can’t seem to crack this code. 😥


I dnt think any1 wud b interested 2 read my blogs if I wrote lyk dis. Would you?

In the end, “Try to text right, people. You could get yourself into trouble.”  😉