How could I just let him win the fight last night? He makes the best pancakes for breakfast. So, how could I not? I didn’t want to starve the next day after he left for office just like that. Focus was on the pancakes. Also, what does anyone know. I’ll be the best wife of today’s “man gossip”. Isn’t that what we wives want?

We both knew what we were fighting over was not right. He should’ve let me adopt that dog we saw while coming back home. We would be a family of twelve members by now, us included. I got so mad at him when he yelled at me and questioned if I was looking forward to make a cricket team. Well, guess what! We’re already eleven, GENIUS.

So last night we decided to say I love you instead and made things okay.

This morning, I knew he was guilty. Why would he bring pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips and juice then?

Sometimes I think, it’s not the thought of waking up next to him that I love. It’s when I open my eyes in the morning and he’s not there next to me. Because. He’s obviously making pancake breakfast for me. Then I smile and sleep again until he brings them to me, kisses me and wakes me up.

OKAY. Dear diary, you might as well want to know that I’m not this selfish and rude. I think about him too. Like, how does he even get the patience to live with me. I mean, we’re married and all but. How does he not flip out at times is what I’m thinking. I don’t tell him this enough but he means pancakes to me and I love him. I feel I should make up to him tonight. Like a romantic dinner? Where I’ll cook his favorite food? Light candles? Dance a little maybe? Or, sorry and a hug. Hmm… that should work too. That’s what I should do. Ya. That’s what…..

*TING TONG* *The door bell rings*

“Hey Honey. Open the door, it’s me.”, he says.

Oh! I should better get that before we get into anything tonight. 🙂

“Yes babe, just a sec.”, she says as she signs off.



12 Replies to “PANCAKES.”

  1. // It’s when I open my eyes in the morning and he’s not there next to me. Because. He’s obviously making pancake breakfast for me. //
    😂😂 the evil part.
    It was so much fun to read this one.
    Keep ’em coming on Busy gal!😉

    Liked by 1 person

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