Just because I went to college, left the state, means I’ve changed. That’s a typical friend’s logic these days. 

Has it ever happened to you? 

I say, I didn’t change. Because if I sit back and give it a thought, I don’t see if I ever texted you or called and gave you an update on what’s going on in life before. We used to talk whenever we could, which we still do. Then what’s changed? We just grew up. I think that’s it. I don’t see a need to constantly being in contact to prove my friendship to you. We’re friends, which means I can call you anytime I feel like. Not necessarily when I need help, but whenever I want to talk. I expect to talk and not get taunted as to how I’ve changed and forgotten you, because I’ve not. I will be here when you call unexpectedly. I want to do the same to you. I won’t call to tell you “You’ve changed.” There was a time when I used to annoy friends by saying all this. But with all these years going by and the experience of it, I realise how it feels like. What reply can you get after saying that? Silence? Awkwardness? Definitely   yes. Just remember that, you’re making them go away by all this. Nothing’s changed until that sentence comes out of your mouth. 

Don’t ruin it.


9 Replies to “CHANGED. REALLY?”

  1. Yeah, everyone uses this line. We grow up. We move to another state for study purposes. We realise that life is much more than just talking whole day. Some people don’t understand this thing. Well, it’s down to maturity.

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      1. Yeah, we have to understand that we have to be mature at some point in our lives to go ahead because ultimately we can’t live our life with childish thinking. 😁😊

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  2. You might just want to reply with , “Okay, I’ve changed. How is that a bad thing?” Sadly, this is a fact of life. My circle of friends changed many times in college. But those high school friends that didn’t talk to me back then, are now friends again, because I like having a variety of friends. I agree with the other thoughts here; change is good. IF it is due to college, it can only mean you are a better version of who you used to be!

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