Following is the same old story published on June 11, 2016 with some amendments. I thank Dermott Hayes for the suggestions. What do you guys think?


It’s been a while now. She still curses him for what happened. She loathes him. The chain of sleepless nights, continues. There’s love. But at the same time, a feeling of hatred and anger dwells.

The conversation ends. Their story doesn’t. How can it? She loves him. She can take him back in a minute. She wants to, but she can’t. And that’s what keeps her from moving on. She starts looking everywhere for distraction. And she turns to food. It can be anything. Cigarettes. Alcohol. A kiss or a one night stand with a former lover. A friend. A stranger, maybe. But eating becomes the one thing she can look forward to. And a pillow to cry on.

She feels used. She thinks about how she was an option for someone who means the world to her. She can’t stop picturing them both do the things he used to do to her. Make her laugh. Love her. Hold her. Say things he wants to do with/to/for her. Have long, late night conversations with her. Everything.

She misses him.

She deletes his number and blocks him from everywhere possible. There is no way he can reach her. And then one day, she unblocks him. No reason, she just does. She wants him to talk to her first. As she sees her inbox, there it is. His name. She opens his messages and reads it all. She then realises that there isn’t a day he doesn’t text her (apologise to her) since that day. With the tears rolling down her face, she just wants to hug him in that very moment. With every text, she says “I love you”(just not out loud).

She persists showing her anger through texts and phone calls. He persists explaining everything to her. As stubborn as they both are, none of them give up. Despite of what he has to listen, he does not let his pride come in the way. He knows what he did is wrong. He accepts every word she says and isn’t proud of it. He is sorry. He cries. They both do. And this is new to her. No one ever cried for her this much before. Not even a little. She can sense that everything he said in that one year might be a lie, but the tears aren’t fake. She fails to react to it.

One thing is clear now. He loves her. Just as much as she does. He just wants a chance to explain everything to her. She listens to him this time. He tells her how guilty he is to have things messed up with her. That he wanted to tell her everything sooner. That he was afraid to lose her. That he had to choose between the other girl and her and that he chose her.

He messes up relations just to be with her. He chooses his one year old love over the seven years old friendship.

He tells her that he only loves her and no one else. He wants to end up with her. Be there for her. He wants to do anything and everything he can to make things right again. He wants to prove it to her that she was never an option and that he never used her. If he had to, he wouldn’t want her back so bad when he has a choice to go back to his friend. He tells her everything that seems hard to believe after what he has done. She is hurt and obviously, is dealing with some trust issues. She wants to believe him but she can’t. After much crying and talking and arguing and fighting for a month;

“Take as much time as you want. Just come back.”



“I took my time. I think I can give this a chance.”



“I love you.”

” 🙂 ”

He can’t argue with that.


It’s two months since the make up. Things seem to be just as before. Good. Beautiful. She forgives him. He keeps his promise. He proves what he said he would. They consider whatever that happened, a bad phase of their lives and forget about it. Although, some things about the past still bothers her. To which he promises to work on and make her forget about it.

This is just the way she wanted it to be since the beginning. Now, soulmates aren’t a myth anymore.



  1. After reading the post, the first thing that came to mind was how wonderfully you understand love and emotions. There is a sense of maturity and honesty, also you kept it real avoiding drama…
    Good job..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This was very nice. A well detailed look into the mind, with more showing than telling. We know what he’s done and you haven’t even said it. Brilliant. You must tell more stories like this. This is written so detailed it may cause some people to remember similar situations that has happened to them.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand out.
    Please let me know where you got your design. Many thanks


    1. Thank you.
      The theme of this blog was CANARD earlier and now it’s called TWENTY SEVENTEEN. It is neither custom made nor downloaded. There are options on where you can choose your theme or even buy it.


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