“I know my heart will never be the same. But I’m telling myself I’ll be okay” ― Sara Evans








A “Hi” would’ve been rejected like any other day. But this wasn’t any ordinary text. It was such that, the conversation started and never ended. Usually a person says “Bye”. This is what must be said to a stranger. But here, no one said bye. They talked. They left the conversation half way. They continued from where they had left, the next time they talked.(Remember! The conversation only paused and never ended.) No one felt bad. No one was angry. No one fought. After a month or two, they exchanged numbers. They started to know each other well. They started to like each other. There was stalking one another’s profile. They never asked or talked about each other’s past. It was enough to know that they were both single. The first time she heard his voice, was when she fell in love with him. Yes. His voice was attractive to her. One day she couldn’t resist to tell him about her feelings. She didn’t think of the circumstances. She wasn’t afraid to lose anything because there was nothing to lose. No long term friendship. Nothing. So, without a second thought. She said;

“I want to tell you something.”


“I don’t know if I should. But I will, anyway. I’m just nervous.”

“Just say it already.”

“I love you.”


“Nothing changes if you say you don’t. It won’t be awkw…”

“I love you too.”

There was a rush of emotions. For her, it was blatantly more.



It’s the start of their six months old togetherness. He tells her that they will be meeting soon. She’s insane about it already. She wants to look good for him. She starts to plan what she would be wearing on the day they meet and where they would be meeting and everything.

He calls her the following day and says, “Where are you? I want to meet you.”

With nothing as planned, she dresses up simple. And with the thoughts about her rejection, she goes to meet him. It’s their first meet. Right? But it doesn’t feel like one. It feels so familiar. Like they’ve met before. Like they’ve known each other for years. The date was rather romantic. It wasn’t somewhere fancy but a park instead. They walked. They talked. He stared at her while she blushed. She stared at him when he looked away. And after much talking, they sat on a park bench. This is where their first kiss happened. On a park bench. The thoughts about her rejection was there no more. All that was there, was love.

For the limited days they had, to spend with each other; they started to go on morning walks and meet every time they could. Those were the happiest and beautiful thirty days for her. She couldn’t have asked for more. Although she wished for him to stay, the distance never bothered much. That was the best part of their relationship. They were happy with what they had. They were willing to stay like this forever. Together.



It’s their nine months together. She’s excited. Why? Because tomorrow is the day she will see him. He’s coming home for less than a month this time. But it’s fine. They still love each other. Nothing’s changed.

After much talking and planning, he decides to take her out. Not for a walk. But on a date. They go on a date, to their favourite place to eat.

There were days when they celebrated their love. Made love. It was like never before. It was good. It was romantic. It was serious. It was passionate.

They were happier. And she, was the happiest.



“Can I ask you something?”


“With the long distance and everything, we’ll be completing a year together in like, an hour. Did you expect us to make it this far?”

“Maybe. But this is exactly what I ever wanted. To fall in love with someone like you. It’s hard for me to believe that you are for real until the next time I get to touch you. To hold you. To look at you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

They wish each other, anniversary over the phone. * Long distance.* (Sigh!)

After some days, they meet again. He’s here for more than just thirty days.

What’s adorable, is the way she feels for him. Just as day one. With each day, her love for him grows. Only more. No less. But as happy as she was to be able to see him everyday, was not how it turned out to be this time. They met, but not like they used to. He wouldn’t meet her for the reasons he gave her. Some genuine, some not. She was fine until one day, she saw a picture of him with his girl-best friend when he said he was busy with some work. The picture never bothered. Just because she didn’t click much, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t. But the lying did. This was the first time that he lied to her. Her instincts said there was something more. She started to notice things. Doubt. For the first time. She even asked him about some things. This was when their first fight happened. But that didn’t change anything for her. She still loved him and decided to not let that create differences between them. He promised her that too.  Before he had to leave, he held her. Told her how sorry he was for everything that happened. He told her to not worry, as there was nothing he had to hide from her. She trusted him. That trust made things good again.



It hurts to read the word separated. Isn’t it?

Their story took a new turn after the last time he left.

He got caught. He tried to refuse. He tried to explain. But nothing worked. Her instincts. Her doubts. They all seemed to be true. The girl-best friend was actually his girlfriend. When she thought about the first time he lied, wasn’t his first time. He had been lying to her since the beginning. Since a year. He cheated on her. In that moment, three lives were ruined. What could’ve been simple and beautiful, was effectively ruined.

She couldn’t stop crying. She couldn’t stop questioning him. She couldn’t do anything about it. She was never hurt like this before. There was a chain of sleepless nights. She despised him in that very moment. She didn’t want to leave. She thought it through. Eventually, she left.

It’s not the same anymore.

A year old conversation finally ended.




To Be Continued…





24 Replies to “A YEAR. AND THEN WHAT?”

  1. It’s so true! Those three magical words “i love u” is a joke for people now!! Don’t know y but people have commitment phobia


  2. Oow really sweet and sad post at the same time. Although the relationship seemed beautiful it does make you realize that there are some cons to a long distance relationship (doesn’t just happen in long distance relationships).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No matter if some one searches for his required thing, thus he/she wishes to be available that in detail,
    therefore that thing is maintained over here.


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