Did you ever have that one friend who believes in “Abbreviating words while texting, saves time.” ? Of course you had. Or have. Or maybe you are one of them. NEVERMIND! These people just annoy me. Seriously. But you know? I used to be like one. Once, I was judging someone over text with a friend, after which he sent me some screenshots. I told him that, that was exactly what I was talking about. He then said, “Guess who it is?”.  And the next text from him read, “It’s you, silly. Three years back.” I couldn’t believe him. He had to literally prove it to me that it was me. And you know what? IT WAS ME. Ughhh! There was a moment of laughter for both of us. It definetly was. I tapped the same laughing emoji as I put my giant teeth to display (with no one around. Phew!) more than twice. Which I believe, he did too. So yes, we were laughing. We both happened to text that way back then. Fortunately, we’ve changed for good. Oh! The screenshots. Yes. So, after I read it all. I wondered, “How did people even bother to text me?” Not how. Actually, WHY??? And from that moment on, I have a special place in my heart for everyone who did. Respect. To be precise.





I’m excited for my birthday. I decided to invite my friends. I happen to know you but we don’t talk much. But my best friend has a crush on you. So, I have to invite you too (for my best friend’s sake). I spend full ten minutes to text you a not-so-awkward invitation and after an hour, all you text is, ‘K.’? Oh C’mon! There are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language (Google it.!). And you choose to use a letter instead. You’ve ruined my “Happy” birthday mood and now I hate you.



What did you do with those micro seconds you saved just before hitting the bed? Slept more, I believe. God! You’re selfish. Do you have any idea how we lose those precious seconds of our life by cracking your code? Which is why, no more cracking the code. I’ve learnt to not spare a second on those who text me like that. I just text back Gn, instead. Seems like I saved more time than you. HAHA! Sly. Huh?



You know? I was perfectly fine until you said ‘uh’. It’s either “you” or “u”. What’s “uh”? If you look at the keyboard, the three letters, ‘Y’ ‘O’ ‘U’ are really close to each other. Why not just try typing ‘YOU’ for once? It does not take much time and feels good to read. And honey, for future, If you’re in a good romantic mood and you text your partner “I luv uh”. It’s really going to be a mood killer. I have no experience with this. But I can feel how bad this could be. Really.



It was our first date. She looked gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Just after I reached home, I kicked my shoes off and laid on the bed. I texted her, “You looked lovely tonight. I would love to go out with you again.”. To which she replied, “Aww! Thnk u. Nd tnx 4 da d8 2nyt. I enjyed a lot.” Should I leave her? I have never been good with numbers. I don’t know what to reply now. I can’t seem to crack this code. 😥


I dnt think any1 wud b interested 2 read my blogs if I wrote lyk dis. Would you?

In the end, “Try to text right, people. You could get yourself into trouble.”  😉




35 Replies to “PHEW! TIME SAVED.”

  1. You are absolutely right…thank god m nt the only one who hates that ‘k’…people can’t even right ‘ok’…. i really find it so rude..

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  2. Well, this was fun.
    I usually use the dictionary, so when I am writing, I use the full sentences, even it means a few extra seconds. I hte wrds lyk dis. For me, shortening like this takes far more time as I have to think what to replace with what to make it shorter.

    Now, after reading I learned a few tricks. Shall implement them to piss people off. 😛

    Great post, btw.

    And great blog too. 😀

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  3. Wonderful post! Completely agree with this. I’ve unleashed my wrath upon my best friend once for texting back “K”. He’ll never try that again. 😂😂😂 It’s no longer the age of 160 characters sms text limit people. Start using Complete sentences for heaven’s sake! 😂😜

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    1. Haha! Exactly my point.
      The way of texting is the reason why I try to ignore most of them, which makes them think that I might be having some attitude problem. It takes the interest away. Just text normal and I’m all for the conversation.
      Glad to know you understand me. 😀
      And ya. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Yes, sir. 😀
      There’s nothing to get upset about. If a stranger does that, I simply laugh it off and ignore. Those texts last for a day so nothing changes. You get to smile once or maybe twice a day. No harm in that. But if a friend does that, you gotta tell them the truth about how annoying that gets. Because those texts are for a long time.


    1. And it goes on like good morning, gm. Take care, tc. The worst of all, once I wished a friend happy new year and he said, “s2u”. It took me some time and I got to know he wanted to say “same to you”. I mean, what is that now?

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      1. Even worse was when my cousin wished me “Hbd” like this.;)..I thanked him “Ty” as it was necessary to make him realize it!
        You can’t do anything ..either you yourself start following it or influence them to change

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  4. You no madhavi i really love this topic our mind are together,just your attention pls,a friend of my always send such text to me very complicated, one day she wrote a request using such method and she need instant reply 1hour no reply 2 second same,she called, several times no answer because it was not first time i told her about that,after all the series of calls,i decide to reach her back ,that time i no she’s no more in-need of what ever is on her text , guess what she told me, am very wicked, does it make sense?

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    1. It doesn’t make sense but that must’ve pissed her off as well so can’t say she’s wrong either. She must think that you’re not there for her or something.
      I don’t know about how you should explain it to her further when she already knows that you hate to text that way.


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