Oh My God!! This is huge.





Today, a notification popped up that said, Fernanda Guevara commented on a post, “Hello 😄  I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!”. I didn’t know what that meant. I clicked on the link she mentioned and read through her post and found that it was an award (on the internet) for promoting fellow bloggers and giving their work, exposure. I thank her for nominating me. 🙂


Fernanda Guevara btw, is a sweet and supportive blogger who goes by the name @Simply.Fernanda on wordpress . Go check out her blogs if you haven’t yet.


When I started blogging, I thought I was doing it because I like writing occasionally and basically because I have nothing much to do to keep myself busy these days. I was anxious at first, but then I plucked up courage anyhow and published my first blog ever. Then second. Then third. It’s been half a month since my first blog and now I’m here, nominated for “The Liebster Award”. A voice in my head says, “It’s just a nomination, silly.”. To which I say, TRUE. I know that. Right? It’s kind of a big deal for me. And I’m just excited.

So, basically:








  1. I’m nineteen years old.
  2. My birthday falls on 21st April.
  3. Youngest in the family.
  4. I love music. I would choose singing as a career if I were really good at it.(sigh!)
  5. I learnt kathak for more than a year and have performed at Kamani auditorium too. I appear shy but believe me, I have. My best friend says that puberty hit me like 0.1% (To which, I agree and it certainly isn’t a compliment.) I still look the same (Why??? 😥 ). The following picture is of me, six years back. God! I look so dramatic.



6. Favourite food- Pizza and Garlic Bread.



7. Former Eminem fan. Currently in love with Ed Sheeran.



8. My favourite T.V. shows- Prison Break and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  Wentworth Miller has been my favourite actor ever since I’ve watched Prison Break. He’s nailing it on screen.



9. I have some ironic interests in my “To Do List”. Like, Scuba diving (but I’m aquaphobic) and Skydiving (but I’m acrophobic). :p

10. I like writing but I don’t read a lot.

11. I still watch cartoons. Spongebob Squarepants is my favourite. 😀





1: What is your favourite childhood memory?

Answer:   As a kid, while playing in the evening, when my sister (who is a year younger than me) used to come outside to play with me, and some friends. I would send her back in and tell her to come out to play only after she drank a glass of milk. I was evil and unreasonable. And she was so adorable to even do that. Karma always pays you back, you know. Now she reminds me of those times and teases me for how doing that to her is one of the reasons why she is taller than I am. :p

I can never relive doing that to her again. We’re both teens now. 😀

2: What inspires you to write?

Answer:   What’s been happening around, some really good writings that make me wonder, “Why can’t I write like them?”, the number of views on my blog and people showing interest to read more of my writing (Yes, seriously.) inspires me to write.

3: (From other bloggers) what has been your favorite or most memorable piece of writing?

Answer:   Out of the blogs I’ve read from other bloggers, Former fat kid was my favourite by Simply.Fernanda 😉

4: What is your favourite quote and why?

Answer:   My favourite quote would be from the movie; The Pursuit Of Happiness.

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.”

The reason would be because it’s really powerful and meaningful. It motivates me to do what I feel.

5: What movie/cartoon/show character do you identify the most with?

Answer:   This one’s interesting. 😀

The character that I identify the most with, has to be Joey from the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  Mainly because he’s a foodie and doesn’t share food. Haha! I think we all can relate to him.

6: If you had only 12 hours to do anything that you please and have always wanted, after those 12 hrs you will never be able to do that/those things ever again, what would it/they be?

Answer:   If I have only 12 hours to do anything that I’ve always wanted to, that would be to be able to sing and be known for my singing (Even if it is for 12 hours). I hate it when I listen to people, especially my age and otherwise, sing so well and actually take it somewhere. I’ve always wanted a career in music.

7: Do you believe in supernatural things? Why or why not?

Answer:   No, I don’t believe in supernatural things. Maybe because I’ve never experienced them. :p But I do enjoy listening to spooky stories and visiting places where people believe it exists. You know, haunted  places.

8: What motivates/inspires you to do what you do in life?

Answer:   I always want to improve myself in whatever I’m good at (No, I do not mean studies.). Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez have always been the one I’ve looked up to. I’m not into acting or singing. Just their hard work and dedication towards what they do, inspires me.

9: What is one superpower you would like to have and how would you use this power?

Answer:   I don’t leave a good impression on the first meet. I’m socially awkward. So, I would want to have a superpower that allows me to erase the memory of the awkward first meets with a person. :p  

10: What is a bizarre talent of yours?

Answer:   I can’t remember what I studied last night, but I can totally recall the lyrics of a song I’ve just heard . LOL. No, seriously, I play keyboard and paint sometimes too. I might be good at it. 😀

11: Which song do you feel the most connected to or feel that it describes you?

Answer:   Currently it would be, Fight Song by Rachel Platten.





  1. Which book or movie title describes your life currently?
  2. What is it that scares the bejesus out of you (in one sentence)?
  3. Do you read a lot? What is your favourite novel or a piece of writing?
  4. Do you miss school? What is your favourite school memory?
  5. Are you satisfied with what you do and have in life or do you want something more? What is it that is still missing in your life?
  6. Who is your role model? Why?
  7. Are you an insomniac? When was the last time you slept before 10 p.m.?
  8. Which is your favourite genre in music?
  9. Would you go to a club with your friends or sit back home and enjoy a whole pizza while watching a movie or a T.V. series alone?
  10. Your biggest pet peeve is?
  11. “The world is about to end. You have 24 hours.” What do you do?





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P.S.- This was written on the day of being nominated and published later.







25 Replies to “THE LIEBSTER AWARD.”

  1. Congrats, I really enjoyed reading your responses, definitely got to know a little more about you! I feel that from F.R.I.E.N.D.S I’m also Joey, I just love food too much 😅☺ And I’ve always loved that quote, the movie makes me cry so hard. Also, thank you for your “Former Fat Kid” response, that means so much to me 😩
    A really good read, lots of luck! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey omg I have some things to say here.
    1) YOU’RE INDIAN AH HIGH FIVE (idk why I get extra excited when I find Indian bloggers lol)
    2) YOU USED TO LEARN KATHAK.! AGAIN SAME HERE. I still do and this is my 6th year learning!

    I’d also love if you checked out my blog. I write stories which are usually inspired from songs, experiences or random thoughts. Please do leave any feedback you deem necessary too! Constructive criticism is one of my favourite things!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! 🙂
      As I read your comment, I’m thinking, “Wow! We are total strangers and still it’s like we know each other. With the enthusiasm and everything.” 😀
      Thank you for stopping by. You actually showed interest in reading my blog. I’m not very used to it, Means a lot. :*

      I loved “Soulmates”. I will definetly give my feedback there. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Feels good to recieve it even when it’s virtual. 😀
      It’s like people like your work and want others to know about it. It’s just a way to promote new bloggers. We’re all strangers appreciating and wanting one another to do better.


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