“Everybody has an addiction. Mine happens to be you.”






Hi. If you are here, reading this blog; I assume you were instagramming before. See? The smile on your face right now, says it all. Some of you who follow me and otherwise, probably hate me because I didn’t follow you back once, I didn’t like your post back, I didn’t thank you for your comment, or because of some old grudge. You decided to not like my post about the blog, but still came here to read it. Thank You. I’m grateful, btw. 🙂


Instagram is an addiction. More than Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp must be. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s tempting. It’s not even a part of life. It is life. Pardon me, but I’m idle. So, Instagram is all I have these days. It seems to have dark powers. I mean, I don’t post pictures habitually. Still I spend a lot of time scrolling for no reason, every day. Before and after bed. It is the first thing I want to look at, in the morning and the last thing, at night. How many times do you scroll through your instagram feed each hour, to know what everyone is digitally up to? How many times do you refresh the app, hoping to see more hearts on the shot you just uploaded? Do you not stalk your crush to a level where you end up on someone else’s profile, hating everybody they ever took a picture with? Is a photo surpassing 11 likes, not a success to you? If yes, you might be addicted. While you’re addicted to this app, you might be suffering from FOMO. Yes. The Fear Of Missing Out. You don’t want to miss what your favourite fashion blogger just posted. Or your crush. Or a celebrity. Or the page that keeps you busy, for that matter. If the obsession is that much, you would always want to be the first to like and comment.


Instagram is all about displaying the best parts of you to the world and keeping the worst parts to yourself. Because, as attractive as I am while I watch Prison Break and eat random food I find in the kitchen, I feel like I should spare the world of that Madhavi. So I, like most people, post the things that are going to reflect the best of me. Also my face. Because, SELFIES. My profile is full of it. And, Oh! look. I’m having donuts. I’m at the Domino’s. I just did my makeup. I just washed my hair, so I should better take a shot before the natural curls go away. You know, the important parts of my life.


If someone asks me about what I do on Instagram, scrolling all day. Well, I get to flaunt the blatant Insta-fact here that they don’t know. Like, you know, how pizza is the most photographed food. Which according to a new Italian study appears to be true.

I live in my fantasy world all day long, wishing all of it to be true.

As I go through the posts, I always wish the outfits, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, to magically appear in my closet. Oh! and the food too. In my fridge, obviously.

I also wish to travel the places I see on instagram under hashtags photography and sunset.


So, yeah! This is what I do. I scroll and smile; as I think of the things I know will never happen.


Instagram is fun.!! Happy Instagramming. 🙂












  1. Happy Insta to you. I removed myself from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 3 years ago and I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would when I deactivated it. I used to find myself posting, scrolling, and posting frequently. I broke the habit and live in the moment and no longer capture them with a camera lense. I’ve truly loved every minute of it.

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    1. Wow! Good for you. I’m just on instagram and I can’t seem to leave it eventhough I don’t post pictures habitually. Living the moment is what I believe in too. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never
    seem to get nearly anything done.


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