I have a thing for live shows where bands, stand up comics, speakers, dancers, basically artists perform. I don’t know, it just warms my heart and even though I don’t know who they are, in that moment I’m in awe of their work. Weird, I know. So I come from a place where you get to see all of this very often. I’m not talking about big concerts I cannot afford. You should know that I’m the kind of person who’d talk about going to a Coldplay or Ed Sheeran concert but when it actually happens and someone asks, I’ll be like “Shit!! What a time to be broke.” Like when I read about Chester Bennington, it was really sad, “In the end” was my first english song and I love them. But what I was really sad about… “So now I can’t watch them perform ever”. As if I was sure I won’t ditch the plan, whatsoever. I’m talking about those low key performances you get to see in cafes or places like Dilli Haat. Those random bands, streetplays you have no clue of but end up enjoying.

The other night wasn’t random. I was well aware of the artist, the date, the time and  everything to do with it. I know how I even arranged the ticket. It was a Kanan Gill show, an Indian stand up comic. Very handsome, very funny, very smart. You all must know him from the pretentious movie reviews on youtube. If not, you’re not missing on much but you could try.


So something like this is expected to be enjoyed with a group, right? Doesn’t necessarily mean friends, you could pretend though. So. I’m not proud of what I did. I went alone. I know, that’s not sad. What? That’s not. But that was a hell of a night. The moment he entered the room, the vibe just changed and by the end I was in love with him.


It’s so hard to make a crowd laugh and although he knew what he was gonna speak, there’re some changes a comedian has to make on stage. They have all the jokes planned but they have to be spontaneous and be prepared for the audience’s reaction or any uncalled situation. It’s a tough job. If ever I make someone laugh with a sentence, I’m like kya baat hai. Ek confidence aa jata hai that I’m funny. And it lasts for like ten seconds. But it’s satisfying. I wonder what comedians would feel like.

I like what author Mokokoma Mokhonoana says, “We can’t all be comedians, some people have to do the laughing.” I am among those who do the laughing. I laugh so much that if someone asks about any suggestion that involves comedy, that’s when others will be like she laughs at everything so better not ask her. And yesterday I had the whole place to myself. I was so happy, I laughed my ass off. I could feel the people around me judging me at some point. And by people I mean a girl who was on my left, who started scrolling through instagram in between and on my right was a guy who wasn’t really laughing but whenever I looked around laughing and clapping, he’d start slow clapping and be like Hahaha! I don’t think I can express the level of contentment more. Phew!!!


After getting out of there it felt good. I thought, hmm… besides the comedy, there were some things he taught me. Don’t always spend money to remind yourself to be happy. Have a good night all of you who made it till here. 😀




After five days of complete no productivity, here I am. AGAIN. Not doing anything great. I mean I went for a walk. Which is not only great, it’s huge. But if asked otherwise…

It’s been a usual morning.

I got up. Went for a walk. Took shower. Had breakfast. Plugged in the earphones. Opened my laptop to look for the list of work I had in mind to do. Ended up writing this post.

You must think, why I am making this post all about myself. (Woah! Great timing Charlie Puth. *you just want attention is playing*)

I will tell you why. As I opened my blog to check my followers and blog hits first and then read some of you guys’ posts to get inspired from, I saw the orange dot on the top right corner. And guys, I had to check what it was because it’s orange often. So, I did. And it said,

“ACHIEVEMENT. 1 Year Anniversary Achievement Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com one year ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.” 

My day just got better. Did you read it? An achievement. I never looked at it this way. But it feels good to see that I survived a year here. Survived because, I started a blog in 2015 as well. That was when I posted something, gave up on it the first day when the views were zero. I didn’t know how this worked and was impatient and lacked self confidence. I read and edited it like six times? I also remember checking that post again and again to see if anyone had read it. NO. Still zero. I thought who would read anything like what I wrote and just deleted it. I guess most of you must feel this relatable. And those who cannot relate. JUDGE ME. xD No, don’t.

Then I learnt that views don’t matter that much. You don’t have to necessarily promote it either. That’s what I did. I told people when I got a positive response here by you guys. Okay, views and followers still mattered to me. And while I’m on it, let me brag. It’s been a year and I now have 5,511 views and 404 followers. Not bad ya. Who doesn’t like to be accepted? But I tried and learnt how it works and I’m still learning. It feels great to write all this down.

Anyways. Thank you all. 🙂


How could I just let him win the fight last night? He makes the best pancakes for breakfast. So, how could I not? I didn’t want to starve the next day after he left for office just like that. Focus was on the pancakes. Also, what does anyone know. I’ll be the best wife of today’s “man gossip”. Isn’t that what we wives want?

We both knew what we were fighting over was not right. He should’ve let me adopt that dog we saw while coming back home. We would be a family of twelve members by now, us included. I got so mad at him when he yelled at me and questioned if I was looking forward to make a cricket team. Well, guess what! We’re already eleven, GENIUS.

So last night we decided to say I love you instead and made things okay.

This morning, I knew he was guilty. Why would he bring pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips and juice then?

Sometimes I think, it’s not the thought of waking up next to him that I love. It’s when I open my eyes in the morning and he’s not there next to me. Because. He’s obviously making pancake breakfast for me. Then I smile and sleep again until he brings them to me, kisses me and wakes me up.

OKAY. Dear diary, you might as well want to know that I’m not this selfish and rude. I think about him too. Like, how does he even get the patience to live with me. I mean, we’re married and all but. How does he not flip out at times is what I’m thinking. I don’t tell him this enough but he means pancakes to me and I love him. I feel I should make up to him tonight. Like a romantic dinner? Where I’ll cook his favorite food? Light candles? Dance a little maybe? Or, sorry and a hug. Hmm… that should work too. That’s what I should do. Ya. That’s what…..

*TING TONG* *The door bell rings*

“Hey Honey. Open the door, it’s me.”, he says.

Oh! I should better get that before we get into anything tonight. 🙂

“Yes babe, just a sec.”, she says as she signs off.



Has it ever happened to you that you did something unintentional? Let’s say you did, and your best friend made you feel guilty for it for as long as they could enjoy. Well, my best friend makes sure that she gets me a ticket in business class for the guilt trip she plans for me. She also makes sure that I’m served with everything on the silver platter and I swallow them the same way I do with pizza, slowly and by enjoying every bit (bite) of it. Isn’t that great? You know how it is.

I didn’t think I would write this ever but, I’ve found exactly my kind of relationship with my best friend. The one where we’re not girly. Okay, I said it. Hate me all you want girls but let’s admit it, sometimes we do overreact. So I am going to impart some knowledge here, about some important things required to build a lifetime relationship. Not just with friends, but with anyone who is worthy of your time. 


You can’t go to dominos (or any favourite place of yours for that matter) three times a day everyday. So what do you do? You take a break and go there once in a while. Does it make you love them any less? No. In fact, you feel glad that the taste didn’t bore you. And that, makes you happy, doesn’t it?  

The other day my best friend and I got into a tiny fight. But instead of poking and annoying each other with the questions such as “Are you mad at me? Still mad? Why aren’t we talking?”, we didn’t speak to each other. We were together but didn’t talk. The next thing I remember is that we were back to normal, laughing (yes, laughing like crazy is normal for us). A thought that came to mind was, what exactly did happen? We fought, got mad, didn’t talk, gave each other space, got back when the situation cooled down(which, surprisingly was at the same time for both of us), never talked about it and the best part, we didn’t have to deal with any of it. Weird? Maybe. But I think this is how even the relationships should be like. 


Listen to what they have to say to you. Let them share their secrets, their lameness, their weirdness, their thoughts. They’re just like music in your life. Not everything they have to say is good. Some are bad, sad, happy, romantic, what not. We do that all the time. By we I mean my best friend and I. From talking about poop to how this life might be a reality show and someone from another planet could be watching us and probably laughing at us and judging us. (Just like you are judging me for writing this😛.) The point is, listen and talk things out.


Who doesn’t get jealous? Everybody at some point does. Just remind yourself to never let jealousy ruin anything you have with that person. When you understand the situation instead of complaining about why it happened in the first place is when you are mature. I know that feeling when you see someone getting along well with your best friend. You feel like they’ll take him/her away from you. But hey!, let’s accept it that they don’t need to be around your face 24×7 either. So let them be.😂 


Don’t forget to insult them often. 😆

Even if anything goes wrong and it’s because of them not you, remember you did a great job to make it work and they ruined it. You will always have KARMA by your side when that happens. *wink wink😉*


There are days on which things don’t go as planned. Believe it or not, this happens to everyone. It’s rare for some,  while it’s a regular thing to deal with for some. I would say that I fall into that “some” category where things not going as planned is a regular thing to deal with. Do you know what else is regular? My periods. So what? I deal with it anyway. There is this slang YOLO (You Only Live Once), that people use these days. Why not live every day to the fullest and replace that, YOLO, with You Only Die Once? The point is, look for solutions and not problems.

While I’m being so philosophical and “trying to be” motivational, let me write down some (TWO) points for you.


This not only applies to underestimating others, but yourself too.

Being good at something and telling people “No, I can’t do that, I’m bad at it.” , so that you’re not afflicted by the evil eye is sometimes too hard to believe. Why don’t you just accept and thank the person who sees that in you and tries to give you a compliment?

Then there are others who actually are bad at something and get worse time after time. You know why? Because someone told them that and they accepted it. I’ve been there, done that. In fact, I still let people get into my head sometimes. But trust me, when you know you’re right and even when you haven’t given it a shot, have the courage to tell the person trying to get you to believe you can’t do something that you’re capable of it.

And. Never think negative before trying. You always have a choice. If plan A doesn’t work, go for the next plan. But if you don’t have a backup plan to work on, make sure you ace it in the first attempt.



Crying over a girl or a guy is never worth the effort you put in if you’re right. Let time heal the situation or easier advice to give would be to get over it. Let me put this right. Why do you have to fight in the first place when you can ignore your ego?

Do you listen to yourself when you talk to your family and when you talk to you   boyfriend/girlfriend? Can you tell the difference now? You don’t have to explain yourself or convince them to believe you or trust you or apologize to your mom specifically. But you have to apologize and make sure they’re not mad at yo and that they still love you and trust you when it comes to your so called BAE. 

You let that ruin your day and cry over the people who, you can’t guarantee will stay with you for the rest of your life. But don’t even think before yelling at your mom for your own mistakes. Because you know she can’t leave you, and she’ll forgive you the next time you talk to her.

Love can distract you and demotivate you too.



When people ask “What’s up with life?”, the answer almost always is, “Nothing much”. As if it’s some reflex. Just like;

“How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

Not only with people, but with friends as well. Sometimes some things are not shared even with the people you are close to. Does it mean that you don’t trust them? No. Sharing is a choice. And if you think you know a person really well, that might not be true since everybody has some stories untold. At least one, which they decide to keep to themselves. Wondering why I’m talking about this? Because it’s true. I think we all can relate to this.

I have a story to share here. Fiction? Maybe. Just give it a read.

“The way you make me feel is indescribable. Maybe I don’t know how to explain it to you or I just don’t want to because I’m afraid to lose you. From the night we met, till now, I still get the same feelings when I see you or even your name. Was it because of the situation we were in or was it something else?  It would’ve been great if someone could answer this. All I know is that, there surely was something which trust me, has never happened before.” She writes and deletes it right before pressing send.

(How often does it happen that you meet a person and you just can’t stop thinking about them?)

She then sits back keeping her phone by her side. The phone rings. Who’s name it says? His. It happens everytime when she thinks about him way too much. A text or a call from him comes and she’s the happiest person in that moment. She won’t stop smiling throughout the phone call and even while texting.

Every night she gets this feeling of confessing everything to him. So she writes and deletes it eventually.

The other night she wrote,

“You know what I want right now? I want to go to the most peaceful place there is, with you. Like the first time we met. I just want to go back to that bridge where you took me holding my hand. When you were afraid that I might not like it when I loved it. I just couldn’t say anything. Over the bridge, under the moonlight, it was so calm and romantic when none of us hoped it to be. That was the best thing that happened to me then.”

He’s leaving the town in some time. Will they meet again or no? Even she doesn’t know.

And tonight she writes,

“Can’t believe you’ll be gone in sometime. I hope we remain in touch with each other. You know, life is like a book where the moments we spend are the pages. That’s how I prefer to define life as. And the time I got to spend with you will always count among the favourite pages of my book. This is the page I would want to fold by the edge and hope that whenever I look back to read, it would still be beautiful.”

Little does she know that it’s only making her miserable.


Just because I went to college, left the state, means I’ve changed. That’s a typical friend’s logic these days. 

Has it ever happened to you? 

I say, I didn’t change. Because if I sit back and give it a thought, I don’t see if I ever texted you or called and gave you an update on what’s going on in life before. We used to talk whenever we could, which we still do. Then what’s changed? We just grew up. I think that’s it. I don’t see a need to constantly being in contact to prove my friendship to you. We’re friends, which means I can call you anytime I feel like. Not necessarily when I need help, but whenever I want to talk. I expect to talk and not get taunted as to how I’ve changed and forgotten you, because I’ve not. I will be here when you call unexpectedly. I want to do the same to you. I won’t call to tell you “You’ve changed.” There was a time when I used to annoy friends by saying all this. But with all these years going by and the experience of it, I realise how it feels like. What reply can you get after saying that? Silence? Awkwardness? Definitely   yes. Just remember that, you’re making them go away by all this. Nothing’s changed until that sentence comes out of your mouth. 

Don’t ruin it.


I’ve known nerds, but a comic nerd? Never. I think this is the first time that I am friends with one. If you ever had an interest in comics, you should go and read this. This friend of mine, who recently decided to go public with his thoughts just like me, in a different way though won’t disappoint you. Go ahead. Give it a read. A feedback wouldn’t hurt. 😉 The link is below:



Today, an interesting thing happened to me. I got to know that we have Communication Skills as a subject. I was really excited about it and it turned out to be the way I expected it to be.😄

It was our first class, right? So. Our professor gave us a little introduction about himself and then gave us around fifteen minutes to prepare something on “Who Am I” in anyway we wanted. Creative. Casual. Anything. I enjoyed speaking about it. He made my day for sure. 

Then it struck me that this could actually be something we, bloggers, should write and post about. Others, (by others I mean you. The readers. The viewers. Anyone.) should write too. 

We could comment Who Am I? And provide the link to our Who Am I post, to anyone we want. 

No? Well. Sounds fun to me. 🙂

Okay. So, this is what I wrote. 

Who Am I? It’s just one simple question yet something which needs to be thought about alot. Something, which changes with every stage as we grow up. Something, for which fifteen minutes is just not enough. As a kid when someone asked me who I was, back then I only had a name. Madhavi Singh. Then as I grew up, went to school, my answer included my class, my family, my idol, my hobbies, my dreams. With the variation in my answers in all these years, here I am, trying to sum up all of it together. I was once a girl who aimed to become an astronaut. And today, I am a fashion designer aspirant. I’m really happy to have made that decision myself. Which, believe me, took me a year to decide. I’m also blessed in a way because I have such understanding and supportive people in my life, who I proudly call my family. My idol for the past two years has been my maa. I want to become the calm, patient, optimist person that she is. I try to, but I can never reach the level of optimism that she is on now. Of course I have my hobbies. I play keyboard. I write blogs. I’ve realised during my blogging journey that sometimes, your emotions are expressed the best when you put them into words. I’m an introvert who goes by the name TheQuietGirlBlogger. The title shouldn’t be something to question about once you’ve met me in person. My friends know that well.😅

That’s all. I hope and I am sure that I will be able to talk more about myself in the years ahead. 

Thank You.

Mine was a fifteen minutes rough idea of who I am. Yours could be much better.😊